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Tips For Choosing a Swimsuit

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When it comes to buying swimsuits or wholesale bikinis, a stylish model is not enough. You should pay attention to other factors when buying a swimsuit. Of course, you want to wear a swimsuit that makes your posture look maximal too. In addition, you can swim freely when wearing a bathing suit with the right material, model and size. To find out what factors must be considered, see tips on choosing a swimsuit so you don’t buy the wrong one.

1. Know your body shape to choose the right swimsuit

There are various models of swimsuit out there that you can choose from. However, before choosing, it’s a good idea to recognize your body shape first. Swimsuit will look to maximize your posture when you choose a model that suits your body shape.

You can also determine the size of your swimsuit while measuring your body parts, especially when buying it online. For those of you with large breasts or big hips, usually you will need a bathing suit or a size one level larger. If you are looking for wholesale plus size swimwear you can visit

However, usually the size of the swimsuit depends on the shop where you bought the swimsuit. So, make sure the body shape and size of the swimsuit match first.

2. Models to suit your preferences and body shape

Well, if you already recognize your body shape, it’s time for you to choose the appropriate swimsuit model. As previously discussed, swimsuits come in a wide variety of models. Some of the models that are quite common for you to meet include one-pice, two-piece, boyshort and bikini models.

These four swimsuit styles have different effects on your posture. For example, a one-piece swimsuit model that can hide a large waist, or a boyshort model that has the effect of making the hips look bigger.

3. The cut of the swimsuit

After choosing a swimsuit model, you will also be faced with a variety of different pieces. You can use various pieces on a swimsuit to cover or highlight certain parts of the body.

For example, those of you who are small chested can wear a swimsuit with a cut at the chest. You who want to hide your big belly can choose a swimsuit with a high waist pants. If you want to buy it online you can buy it at lover-beauty.…

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Giving the Perfect Anniversary Gift

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Giving your spouse the perfect anniversary gift can sometimes be a bit stressful. You want to give them something you know they’ll love and show them how much you appreciate them, but also give them something you know they’ll enjoy. Below are a couple of ideas to get you thinking about what to give your loved one for your next anniversary.

Romantic Picnic

Who doesn’t love a romantic picnic? You can pack your own or you can purchase a pre-made picnic from any number of local grocers. You can even get them mailed to you, and they’ll include everything from a nice bottle of wine to fabric linens to dine upon. If you’re feeling like you want to add a special touch you can get linens monogrammed with your loved one’s initials.


Giving someone jewelry for their anniversary is pretty much always a sure bet. Everyone loves something they can wear to remember the person who gifted it to them. Gold jewelry gifts are almost always a hit. Gold jewelry is classy, elegant and versatile. It’s also something they will have forever.

Personalized Photo Album

You might want to start planning this one in advance so you can be sure to capture all the photos you want to make this an extra special gift. You can choose a special theme, tell the story of your relationship or simply create a tribute letting your partner know how much they’re loved. These can be as simple or detailed as you like, the important thing is that you’re documenting your relationship.

A Romantic Getaway

Whether it’s a single night at a local Bed and Breakfast or two weeks in Italy, your spouse will surely appreciate some sort of romantic getaway. This can be a simple overnight trip just so you can catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation. Or it can be an indulgent spa weekend full of massages, bubble baths and romantic five course dinners.…

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Preparing for Your Upcoming Nuptials with Online Shopping

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Planning a wedding can be a major undertaking. Even if you want a small ceremony, you may find yourself overwhelmed with details ranging from picking out the venue to choosing someone to make your cake.

However, when you are shopping for necessities like your gown, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding rings NYC brides like you may not want to spend a lot of time in stores. You may find most or all of what you need for your wedding by shopping online today.

Unique Styles

One of the primary reason you may want to shop online instead of your local stores is finding styles that are unlike anything available in your immediate area. In fact, many of the stores in your area may sell dresses that all look the same. You may end up wearing a dress that is identical or close to the same dress worn by other brides in your city or state.

When you shop online, however, you can find gowns that are unique and perhaps express your sense of style better than what you could find in local stores. Most wedding websites sell bridal gowns in a variety of sizes so you can find one that will fit you perfectly.

Wedding Rings for Men and Women

Another reason you may want to shop online is to find wedding rings that are perfect for you and your intended. Your local jewelry stores may not have a lot of styles on hand. They may all look alike and be relatively boring for what you are looking.

When you shop on the website, you can find rings that come in unique styles and perhaps offer gemstones that go beyond diamond and cubic zirconia. You may find rings with emeralds, rubies, pearls, and others that are beautiful and interesting at which to look.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You want people to remember it for being unique and beautiful. You can find gowns, jewelry, and other items for weddings on the website rather than the stores in your area that may offer boring styles.…

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4 Themes for Fundraisers

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Looking for a way to take your next fundraising event to a new level? Check out these great theme ideas. The tri-state area is home to countless fundraisers every weekend, so it’s worth researching ways to reach (and surpass) the levels of event production NYC is known for.

Under the Big Top

Make your fundraiser the spectacle of the season with a circus theme. Go big with performers like aerial artists and jugglers, or keep it intimate with design and imagery that hearken back to the big top. For an extra level of interaction, consider incorporating carnival games where guests can win prizes.

Garden Party

This theme is especially charming in an indoor-outdoor venue. Greenery and plants, string lights, and themed food and beverage can transform an otherwise familiar space into something that feels fresh and new. Spring into action with a garden party that guests will remember for a long time.

Casino Night

One of the most interactive theme ideas is that of a casino celebration. Let guests know that instead of having to travel to Vegas, they can let Vegas come to them. This theme is especially fantastic because it makes it easy to build in ways to channel donations with options like poker games, auctions, and even the possibility of slot machines. People love spending money on games of chance in casinos. Let them spend it on your fundraiser instead.

All That Jazz

If your fundraiser is at all connected to an arts program, a jazz theme is a great option to consider. Your guests will dance the night away in an atmosphere of live music, glitz, and glamour. Similarly, a jazz-themed event can also double as a 1920s theme, one of the most popular fundraiser setups. Distance yourself from the pack a bit by pulling the elements of a Roaring Twenties party without appearing as just another of the same. With any of these options, your next fundraiser is sure to succeed and stand out.…

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Figurines for All Occasions

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Shopping for the right gift can be a challenge. In an ever-changing world, it is often difficult to find ways to commemorate events and holidays in a manner that feels lasting. Hallmark figurines can be a thoughtful and fun way to think outside the box. Whether you are familiar with these statuettes or just now learning about them, consider a figurine for your next major occasion.


Holidays are inherently rooted in tradition. Starting – or adding to – a figurine collection for a friend or relative can help deepen the layers of an annual holiday. Whether for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s and Father’s Days, a figurine can provide a lasting connection to friends and loved ones. While flowers, chocolates, or modern staples like gift cards are great options to keep in the back pocket for a holiday gift, a figurine offers an option with a bit more weight and permanence.


These decorative figures can also be a more unique way to commemorate another year of life for a friend or loved one. Collecting birthday figurines is proving to be a tradition that has stood the test of time: Precious Moments, in particular, were a bit of a phenomenon when first introduced to the market. With so many specific designs and options to choose from, a figurine can become a deeply personal gift.


Branch away from the registry and celebrate a new marriage with a commemorative figurine. The fun of a wedding figurine lies in its ability to remind the couple of their introduction to the world as a united duo. Long-lasting and unique, this gift will stand out from the pack and always transport the couple back to their special day.

Next time you are tasked with the process of finding a gift, consider these statuettes as an option for the special occasion. Figurines have been a whimsical addition to homes across the globe and will surely continue to be treasured for many years to come.…

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A Spontaneous Approach to Weddings

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A wedding is a celebration that stands out in time. A wedding is one of the most significant days in a person’s life, so a lot of planning is usually involved. For young couples, however, a wedding day can be rather fraught, as the parents, especially the mother of the bride, often become very involved in the preparations and insist on having a say in every detail involved. While all of this can add up to a gorgeous send off for a couple, some couples do end up side-stepping the idea of putting on a major, traditional wedding and instead decide to take an alternative route and elope.

An Alternative Wedding Idea

When a couple decides to “elope” they make the choice to run off by themselves and get married. This approach allows the couple to add a lot of spontaneity to their wedding, as they free themselves of some of the family traditions involved with the wedding ritual and just get the legal basics covered. Along with getting legally married by a Justice of the Peace, an elopement can also involve a fun and offbeat element to the whole affair, like going to a small chapel in Las Vegas and choosing an Elvis or Liberace impersonator to conduct the wedding service. This idea is so popular that wedding chapel packages las vegas are now a very popular option for couples who want to stay spontaneous.

Wedding Packages

The fact is that some of the more popular chapels in Las Vegas offer a range of packages that will suit every kind of couple’s wedding needs. Some packages include a reception with cake and champagne and may even offer a tie-in to a honeymoon suite at a glamorous nearby hotel. While some couples often opt for a traditional wedding with all the bells and whistles and bridesmaids, the idea of eloping and pledging undying and everlasting love in a more spontaneous (and fun) way is an idea that’s definitely catching on.…

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Harley-Davidson — Longtime Custom Maker of Motorcycles

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When the conversation refers to motorbike customization, Harley-Davidson will meet you halfway from its factory to your garage. Since World War II, the longtime custom maker of motorcycles catered to military veterans who had the honor to experience the traditional motorbikes. The Harley-Davidson history goes back more than 100 years. Presently, the company is still the industry’s leader producing top-rank in fashion and well-created motorcycles.

From late, the motorcycle business reinvented the clothing market by spreading its made clothes and souvenirs. Therefore, if you have an interest in these items, it’s likely you will delight in the company’s casual shoes, socks, books, and athletic shoes. Naturally, this list is for both men and women bikers. Further, when you go motor cycling, Harley Davidson intends for your cycling experiences to be fitting in excellent apparel.

Therefore, they want you told about their distribution of dresses, jeans, skirts, and leggings, and more — if you have an urge to include any Harley products to your outfits. With that in mind, the company is offering everyday varieties to make sure you have what’s necessary when you step off the bike for any affair. Undoubtedly, you will need many of their products in your wardrobe arrangement. The motorbike maker has come up with a few recent ideas and here is a small list of those items and descriptions:

  • Women’s Balsa — For a little motorcycle traveling inspiration, this riding boot is great for any location. It has a good year welt, which provides durability and strength. Its full grain leather will shield you from debris and heat. Your rubber outsole is to ensure there are no slips and fall incidents. Further, the boot has abrasion protection. Also, the metal shank provides support and added stability.
  • Men’s Faded Glory — This traveling boot offers the same cycling benefits as the women do. The Faded Glory boot is a leather-made and laced-up classical for men. Its outsole is designed with oil-resistant rubber. Its full grain leather features a leather strap that includes a pictured silver buckle. This design displays an iconic H-D® appearance. Also, its shaft height measures 5 in. And as well, you’ll get a heel height of 1.5 in.
  • Curvy Boot Cut Embellished Wing — For selected genuine motor clothes; women might notice the Harley-Davidson Mid-rise Jeans’ Curvy Boot Cut Embellished Wing. So, women bikers, you can expect these jeans to follow your every move. The innovative contour style surrounds your thigh, hip, and waist. The back pockets are decorated with elaborate metallic embroidery of the embellished wing. The women’s jeans come in various lengths and sizes.
  • Retro Eagle Slim Fit Tee — Men, here’s a throwback style presenting graphics printed on the front. More noticeably is the contrasting ringer binding. This design is most reminding of your vintage Harley Davidson t shirts. For the modern silhouette and leaner, this men’s short-sleeve shirt is designed with a slim fit. The Retro Eagle T-shirt is made of 100% cotton and will make a great choice for casual wear.

Last, Harley-Davidson is making its motorcycle adventure innovative in ways that will attract the forgotten group. As well, the motorcycle maker is redesigning its trademark goods in interesting ways to serve any standard of living and mainly for the first bike owners. Nonetheless, if you’re riding throughout the country or enjoying a night out, make sure you properly prepare with the right boots and helmets.…