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What You Need to Know Before Getting Your Hair Colored

The decision of getting your hair colored is an awesome idea. However, it is important to consider a number of factors before implementing the idea. These factors can either make or break the look of your colored hair. Read on to know the factors to consider before getting your hair colored.

First and foremost, it is important to ensure the whole process does not damage your hair. Going for lighter shades will damage your hair. When you choose a lighter shade than your actual hair shade, you will be stripping the color out of the hair shafts’ cortex. For you to get this look, you will have to use harsh chemicals such as bleach. On the other hand, hair that has yet been treated with heat, chemical and color is less prone to get damaged. If your hair is healthy, the color of your choice will look better on it. You should, therefore, start deep conditioning hair treatments if you have plans of getting your hair colored. This will make your hair healthier.

It is important to take measures that will protect you from getting hurt during the coloring process. To prevent your scalp from burning, avoid cleansing and washing hair with shampoo prior to coloring. It is important to avoid doing conditioning immediately before coloring the hair as the end result will be dry and rough hair. Even if this idea may seem crazy, it is advisable to visit the salon with dirty hair. Generally, to keep your hair in better condition for coloring, do absolutely nothing to it.

The hair characteristics have a major impact on the outcome of the coloring process. It is easier to color fine or shoulder length hair. However, much care is needed when coloring longer or thicker hair. This calls for more color and longer hours before the whole process is fully completed. The texture of the hair determines the outcome of the coloring. The time required to process fine or thin hair is less since it does not absorb much color. However, it is time-consuming to process coarse hair it sops up a greater quantity of color.

Before going for the actual appointment, it is important to first go for a consultation. The colorist should be capable of meeting your desired look. If you fail to go for a consultation, it will be hard to know the amount of time required to achieve the particular look. While consulting, let the colorist know how often you will be able to get your hair colored. This will help you to choose colors that you will be able to maintain. Go ahead and show photos of the colors you would look. Have photos of undesired outcomes as well. First timers should do this so as to know what it takes to achieve the look.

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