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A Road Trip of the North American Continent.

Traveling is a hobby enjoyed by many as it gives you an opportunity to explore new places and gives you an opportunity to enjoy new adventure. Below is a road tour guide you can use with your friends as you tour the states of the North American continent.
Start your road trip in Portland in the state of Maine. In Portland you get an opportunity to enjoy the fresh seafood obtained from the Atlantic ocean. From Portland, you get a view of some of the serene views of the Atlantic ocean and the black and white lighthouses once used by sailors to locate harbors.
As the road leads you south, drive into New York and Spend Some time there. While here, don’t waste any time and money in line to see monuments or visit museums, see what the city has to offer. Explore the city through central park and take a stroll to Broadway through to china town.
A detour into Nashville as you head down south from New York City. Live music, chicken and some biscuits are but some of the enjoyments Nashville offers. If you are a live music fan, beer or food enthusiast Nashville is the place for you with you and your buddies.
After enjoying and spending some time in Nashville head down to Atlanta. Here you will enjoy more music, more food and lots of fun. Atlanta is rich in exotic dancing, rich food buffet and great live music. Take some time off and visit the rich history and art museums in Atlanta and enjoy the exhibitions.
New Orleans is the real deal when it comes to the road trip. New Orleans is characterized by parades, and you can freely join one with your drinks at hand. If you are a jazz lover, New Orleans is the place to be.
Before proceeding to Phoenix, stop by Austin. In Austin you will enjoy some tacos, but the route is dangerous by night.
If you are an outdoor activities enthusiast, Phoenix is the best place for you to enjoy them while you are on the road trip as the temperatures outside are warm and conducive for such. It is also a nice place to enjoy a meal under the night sky at night. Los Angles is the next destination after Phoenix.
Los Angles is always a magical place to visit as it is known as the city which comes to life at night. In LA some of the activities you can involve yourself in are watching the city lights, tour the grand canyon and maybe enjoy some time in the casinos.
It would be great to pass by Chicago on your way back to Portland from LA. Chicago is cheap and you can enjoy the great meals from the restaurants.