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Tips For A Good Logo For Your Fashion Brand

In order to build brand awareness, you need to have a good logo. By doing so, it is much easier for your customers to distinguish your brand among others. Having a good logo would tell your potential customers who you are, what type of product or service you sell, or what benefit you offer consumers. Furthermore, you can easily market your products. You can easily place it on all of your marketing, packaging, products, social media, website, and other platforms that will help you reach your customers. In this article, you will get to find out logo ideas from established fashion brands.

First up is the logo of Chanel. It is very basic yet has a strong impact on the customers. When you walk downtown with a Chanel bag having those interlocking Cs, people would turn around just to get a better look at it. Its simplicity is what makes it elegant and brings out the aesthetic of the bags. You can try it out with the initials of your brand. Then you can seek advice from the people around you if it looks as elegant as Chanels. Get to know more about it and click here.

The logo of Ray Ban is second on our list. Ray Bans logo is the most important distinguishing feature to identify an original Ray Ban lens. Its logo is etched into the upper portion of the lens with a text in the font of a signature. The customers perceive it as stylish and solidly made. These bolded texts are links that will redirected you to some page providing you more information about it click them now.

The next tip is the logo of Coach. Coach is known worldwide for its high-end leather products such as handbags, briefcases, watches, luggage, wallets, eyewear, footwear, and other accessories. The logo of Coach is very classic with a horse-and-carriage image symbolizing luxury, elegance, social status, and royal dignity. Furthermore, its black color represents the prestige, strength, and refinement of the brand. Its elegance makes the brand unique and distinguishable from its competitors. Click here for more details about it.

The fourth tip in this article is the logo of Supreme. The Supreme logo features the name of the company in bold, futura, oblique font surrounded by a bright red box. Due to this simple and clean design, the company is able to subtly speak to the interests of their target audience. Click for more details about it.

The fifth tip is the logo of Bushwhack. It can easily be identified with its logo of an old van with a surfboard on top. When you look at its logo, you can easily tell what they are selling. You can read more here for additional information.

The logo of Tommy Hilfiger is our next tip for you. Basically, its white and red fields in the central part of the logo were borrowed from the International Code of Signals’ flag “H” (“Hotel”), which when hoisted alone means “I have a pilot on board.” Here, of course, it is the “H” for “Hilfiger”. Just by having a meaningful logo it can attract a lot of customers.

The last on our list is the logo of Dormouse. This company targets children to buy their clothing line. It is important to put into consideration who your target market is and incorporate it in the logo just like what Dormouse did.

Go out there and try out some of these brands strategies. Remember that the first look of the logo would say a lot about your brand.

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