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A Spontaneous Approach to Weddings

A wedding is a celebration that stands out in time. A wedding is one of the most significant days in a person’s life, so a lot of planning is usually involved. For young couples, however, a wedding day can be rather fraught, as the parents, especially the mother of the bride, often become very involved in the preparations and insist on having a say in every detail involved. While all of this can add up to a gorgeous send off for a couple, some couples do end up side-stepping the idea of putting on a major, traditional wedding and instead decide to take an alternative route and elope.

An Alternative Wedding Idea

When a couple decides to “elope” they make the choice to run off by themselves and get married. This approach allows the couple to add a lot of spontaneity to their wedding, as they free themselves of some of the family traditions involved with the wedding ritual and just get the legal basics covered. Along with getting legally married by a Justice of the Peace, an elopement can also involve a fun and offbeat element to the whole affair, like going to a small chapel in Las Vegas and choosing an Elvis or Liberace impersonator to conduct the wedding service. This idea is so popular that wedding chapel packages las vegas are now a very popular option for couples who want to stay spontaneous.

Wedding Packages

The fact is that some of the more popular chapels in Las Vegas offer a range of packages that will suit every kind of couple’s wedding needs. Some packages include a reception with cake and champagne and may even offer a tie-in to a honeymoon suite at a glamorous nearby hotel. While some couples often opt for a traditional wedding with all the bells and whistles and bridesmaids, the idea of eloping and pledging undying and everlasting love in a more spontaneous (and fun) way is an idea that’s definitely catching on.