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What are the Different Kinds of Maintenance?

As for me, terminology is not really that vital. Aside from ensuring that we are talking about the same thing. If what I see as condition-based maintenance, you consider predictive maintenance does not really matter. As long as we can reasonably talk about the important principles.

What is condition based maintenance and how can you use it? In this article, we would learn about the various kinds of maintenance since there are a lot of people who are asking about it.

Corrective maintenance versus preventive maintenance
At the outmost, we view maintenance as either preventive or corrective. If you do preventive maintenance, it means that you are performing a task before failure would occur. And the goal of these tasks is to prevent failure from taking place, to decrease the consequences of failure from happening, or assessing the risks a failure would happen. But then again, when we say corrective maintenance, it means that the failure has already happened and we are just trying to reestablish the functionality of the equipment. To make things clear, corrective maintenance can be the result of a careful run to failure method.

What should you know about preventive maintenance?
Preventive maintenance can be technically defined as “an equipment maintenance method that is contingent on restoring or replacing a valuable or asset at a preset interval regardless of its current status. Under your preventive maintenance tasks are scheduled restoration tasks as well as replacement tasks.

Preventive maintenance, also known as preventative maintenance, is actually a type of maintenance that is done at regular intervals while the asset or equipment is still able to do its tasks with the goal to reduce the likelihood of failure or as much as possible, prevent failure.

This kind of maintenance can be based on time, for instance, every week, every month, or every four months. But then again, preventive maintenance can also be built based on the use, for example, every 10000 hours, every 150 cycles or just like your vehicle service every 10000 km.

In addition to time based maintenance or regular interval method, there are also other types of maintenance that is within the category of preventive maintenance and these are the following:

predictive maintenance or PDM, condition based maintenance or CBM, risk based maintenance or RBM, failure finding maintenance or FFM and time based maintenance or TBM.

The preventive maintenance includes a lot of different types of maintenance that are used before a failure would take place and predictive maintenance is also included in your preventive maintenance. Most people would refer to preventive maintenance as time based maintenance which refers to repair or replacement of a set interval regardless of the condition of the equipment.

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